How Fast Is Your City?

Below are the average driving speeds of several U.S. cities, without traffic, as computed from Google Maps.

Green cities are relatively fast to get around, yellow moderate, and red slow. For each city, the average speed is computed from driving directions given by Google, using the distance and duration of approximately 1000 routes through the city. Each route starts at an elementary school and ends at a Starbucks coffee shop returned by Google Local search. The average number of steps (direction changes) per mile is also given as a measure of the complexity of getting around a particular city. Standard deviations are reported as "+/-" values. JavaScript is required to display the data.

You can download the CitySpeed Python code used to gather the data on this map; it's open source, well-documented and easy to compute stats for your own city. The raw data is also available in JSON format.

Driving Speeds of U.S. Cities

City Average Speed (MPH) StdDev Steps Per Mile StdDev Routes

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